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The business purpose of BFO Digital

The business objective and mission have been adjusted to promoting and operating digital business models in. Over the course of expanding and growing the corporate group, other business areas like digital business segments became part of our growth strategy and gained our attention. In order to legally and operationally separate the digital business segment from the existing businesses, a new legal entity was used. BFO develops and operates digital business models. In particular, this also includes the mining of Cryptocurrencies.


The founders Alfons und Boris Bromkamp

Besides the fact that they are father and son, they are also a successful business team. Their shared understanding of values is the foundation for their succesful entrepreneurial actions.

Alfons Bromkamp

  • since 1982 working in sales
  • since 1985 part of the Call Center industry
  • Founder of the working group inclusion in the „Call-Center-Verband“ Germany
  • Sold his company „TAS Telemarketing“ to the global leader in 1997
  • Founded different successful companies since then
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Boris Bromkamp

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • since 2008 part of the Call Center industry
  • since 2015 part of the Triple S management team
  • since 2018 managing director
  • Since 2021 co-founder and managing director of the BFO group
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The group network

After he took a longer sabbatical, Alfons Bromkamp started building a new corporate group since 2012, the “Triple S Manufaktur GmbH”. This corporate group is specialized on the large field of the BPO market in the segment of customer service.

Company website and social media links:

Website www.triplesmanufaktur.de

The Triple S group is managed and lead by the holding company (“Triple S Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH”) and provides in 3 regionally located subsidiaries (see the attached chart) various customer focused services, these include telesales, telemarketing, inbound service hotlines and messaging services.

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